(Above Image from Creativebug)

Popsicles … what can I say? I love them. In my opinion, they are the perfect summer treat! They’re cool, they’re sweet, and on a hot summer’s day they’re refreshing.

What I love most about popsicles is that they are easy to make. Seriously, I cannot cook. And while I enjoy baking, I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a skilled baker. But I can make a great popsicle. And the reason being is that they are just that simple. 

Even Creative Bug has got in on the popsicle making action with their Summer Popsicles Tutorial! They’ve come up with two super simple, and sure to be tasty recipes that kids of all ages (including us kids at heart) will love. 

In this simple to follow tutorial, they will teach you how to make two popsicle recipes: one simple recipe using ingredients you may already have at home, and one a bit more complex for those who want to experiment with different flavors. 

Simple Recipe Supplies

Popsicle Molds

Store Bought Lemonade (or you can substitute the lemonade for any juice of your choice)

Frozen Berries or fruit of your choice. 

Complex Recipe Supplies

Popsicle Molds 


Can of full fat coconut milk

Frozen Pineapple (thawed), or any frozen fruit of your choice. 

Once you have gathered all of you ingredients head over to CreativeBug, which you can access via the North Bergen Free Public Library’s website, and check out the step by step of how to make this sure to be delicious popsicles!