Are you in the middle of a job search?  Looking to brush up on your interview skills or update your resume?  Just want to see what opportunities are out there?  The library can help!  Our popular in-person Career Help program has moved online!  Send an email to to connect with our Job Coach and get help with your career, no matter what stage in your journey you are on.

Our Career Coach can help you with a variety of tasks, from finding jobs in our area, to reading over resumes and cover letters, to helping prepare you for an interview.  Although our in-person services may not be available, we remain ready to assist you.  The library also has a collection of career help books which can be browsed online at, and are available to be borrowed. Finally, the library has a variety of career-oriented databases available on our website at, including Job and Career Accelerator, Reference USA, and the Small Business Resource Center (available via JerseyClicks).  Please contact the library at 201-869-4715 with any questions or for more information.