We are adding new features to our website!

Reserving a Room
Do you have a small group that needs a quiet place for work? Are you a business
looking for a spot to have a meeting? Look no further than the library! You can select
times and locations based on your availability. We encourage you to follow the steps
listed below and always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
contact us by phone or drop in during our business hours.

  1. Use this link – or find it on the website
  2. Select from the drop down menu for whom you would like to reserve for
  3. Hit Done
  4. Find and select the room and location you want to reserve for
  5. Click each green square to reserve the time
  6. You can only request the room for 1 hour per day unless approved by the library
  7. Once you have selected what you want, hit reserve now
  8. Please enter your library card number and pin
  9. Please wait for approval of the library staff

Scheduling Appointments
You can now schedule your one-on-one appointments faster by using a new feature on
our website! Follow these steps when filling out the form. You can only schedule
appointments for Citizenship, Resume help, and ESL. This feature does not
include the Reading Enrichment appointments in the Youth department.

  1. Go to the tab for one-on-one classes under Classes & Events on the main library
    page, www.nbpl.org
  2. Click on the schedule link in the center of the page
  3. Select the day and time you want your class to be
  4. Please enter your library card number and pin number to the box and hit sign in
  5. Confirm your information and hit finished
  6. Please wait for the instructor to confirm your appointment

If you have any questions, please call us at 201-869-4715 or drop in to see us.