Classes & Events

One-on-one Classes

The North Bergen Public Library will be offering one-on-one classes on a variety of subjects. Library staff with expertise in different subjects will be available to teach one-on-one classes! Each patron will be offered one hour sessions held on Google Meet or in person with additional safety measures. Only North Bergen and Guttenberg residents are eligible for these one-one-one classes.

CALL TO REGISTER AT 201-869-4715



Practice your English skills!



Learn the 100 questions for the U.S. Citizenship Exam

Computer Help

Get help with your computer questions! Computer repair not included. Library is not responsible for damages.


Homework Help

For children in grades 1 to 8. Get extra help with your homework!

Reading Enrichment

For children in grades 1 to 8. Read to a reading buddy, Enhance your comprehension and vocabulary!


Play chess and enhance your chess skills!