Are you trying to get into reading graphic novels?

The graphic novel has grown in popularity in since the release of Art Speiglman’s Maus in 1986. Ever since, this medium has become a growing favorite among book lovers.  Lately, you can find graphic novel versions of classics books likeThe Iliad broken down in a new way that is more accessible to readers than before. 

What is a graphic novel?

A graphic novel is a story that is told through illustrations in sequence. Like novels, the graphic novel tells a complex story with deliberate dialogue and narration. Graphic novels cover all kinds of topics . Most graphic novels can fall in any of these categories:

  1. Manga
  2. ​Superhero Stories
  3. Non-superhero Stories
  4. Personal Narratives
  5. Non-fiction

What is Manga?

Manga is the overall term for comic books and graphic novels that are produced in Japan. Manga is read right to left and down and the panels are in black and white. Most manga is released either weekly or monthly as one chapter. The printed manga has multiple chapters in one volume.

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What is a comic book?

A comic book is an excerpt from a larger story that is shown through illustrated panels. Power house publishers such as DC and Marvel have released a myriad of stories that have reinvented several popular heroes. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore’s Watchmen are widely credited as two of the best and influential comics of all time as they introduced more mature and darker themes.

Here are some differences 

  • Graphic novels are typically longer than comic books.
  • Comics books relate to prior issues because of the intertwined storylines. This makes it hard to jump into the middle of a comic run. 
  • Comic books are produced at a higher rate and are released either weekly or monthly.

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