Are you looking for a new podcast? Our team has compiled a current list of podcast shows that cover a wide variety of genres. You can listen to any of the recommendations on all major platforms today!


  1. If Books Could Kill
  2. The Stacks
  3. Book Riot: The Podcast
  4. Well Read Black Girl
  5. Backlisted
  6. Book of the Day
  7. The Book Review
  8. Borrowed and Banned
  9. Fresh Air

True Crime

  1. Rotten Mango
  2. Morbid
  3. Scamanda
  4. Dr. Death
  5. Let’s Not Meet
  6. The Opportunist
  7. Something Was Wrong
  8. Last Seen
  9. Monster: The Zodiac Killer
  10. The Retrievals
  11. Criminal


  1. Pod Meets World
  2. Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers
  3. Stuff You Missed in History Class
  4. You Must Remember This
  5. The Town
  6. Diss and Tell
  7. Scamfluencers
  8. Rivals: Musics Greatest Feuds
  9. Atlas Obsura
  10. All Songs Considered
  11. Bright Sessions
  12. Little Gold Men
  13. Magnus Archive
  14. This is Why We Drink
  15. Unspooled
  16. Films to be Buried with
  17. How Did This Get Made?
  18. Dark House
  19. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  20. Welcome to Night Vale
  21. Mayfair Watcher’s Society


  1. Dressed
  2. Clothes Horse
  3. What I Wore When
  4. Layers (A Fashion Podcast)


  1. Today, Explained
  2. Code Switch
  3. 1619
  4. The Kids of Rutherford County
  5. The Daily
  6. Pod Save America
  7. Up First

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